It was a beautiful day, ten years ago as a group of young people decided that it is time to take new challenges.
After some careful thinking they decided to specialize on setting up tents and other industrial prefabricated structures.

Terraviva - a team with great knowledge, strong hands and with a fine feeling for setting up modern prefabricated structures.
In all this years we gathered a lot of experience with setting up all kind of structures, either with complicated or simple setup.
Right from the start we were blessed with opportunity to set up constructions for events like Formula 1 World Championship, glamourous weddings and political meetings.

But we know. Brave hands are not enough. So our workers are all capable of using all kinds of heavy machinery, montage tools and they all speak English and German language. They are all highly motivated without fear of height and of great psycho-physical condition. All that plays a great role for a well done job and for keeping the schedule on time.

Before we start assembling we make a plan of work and each one is given a group of tasks so we can do a quick, precise and quality service. After our job is done we clean up the objects so they are ready for event. After the event the whole story starts again. This time vice-versa. We clean up the objects, disassemble them and carefully store them on agreed place.

A lot of European firms trust us because of our quality work, especially Swedish firm
Tent for event that uses our service across all Scandinavia. Let it be enough for now. We would like to invite you to check out our online gallery or to contact us.